Monday October 23rd 2017

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The visual representations drove the point home for me…Now I really get it

I had no idea that there is a formidable movement of activists addressing the human saturation of our planet. When I went to hear Michael Despines speak about the convergence of mega-trends affecting the world, I didn’t expect to feel encouraged.

Michael described the colossal web of organizations and the mass mobilization of citizens who are standing up to defend our planet. He encouraged all of us to find a campaign we like, support them, and get involved.

This was the most important lesson for me. Apocalypse is not inevitable. We have the power to change this situation.

I also appreciated Michael’s humility as he revealed details about his own consumption habits. This guy is not a finger-wagging self-righteous activist. Michael is a humble man confessing his own struggles to recover our planet and live an ethical lifestyle.

Michael exploits a clever series of graphic illustrations to convey some rather complex ideas. The visual representations drove the point home for me. Up until I attended this presentation, I only had a simple and superficial understanding of how we are threatening the planet. Now I really get it.

Gerald Martone

Director of Humanitarian Affairs

International Rescue Committee

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